Being Vegan in a Digital World

We live in a fast moving digital world and it’s easy to often get carried away with our busy lives and make some unhealthy choices. Usually it’s when we need the most energy we tend to give up and go for fast food and other options.

However you can use technology to discover new pathways to your vegan journey. Most of us own a smartphone and there are many apps out there that can help us to make better choices. These apps can help us to remind our grocery items, help us discover new recipes and even help us find people with similar health interests around us.

Here are few of the examples apps. Search for them in the iPhone App Store or Google Play for Android.

  • Vegan Recipe App
  • Vegan Diet App
  • Vegan Cooking App
  • Vegan Cupcakes App
  • Vegan for Life App
  • Vegan Guide to NYC App

These are just a few example apps you can download. In addition to these, there are many other websites and online programs that can help us to be on track and discover paths to make the vegan journey much more easier. You can use one of those apps, or you can contact one of the iphone app developers and get your own mobile app created.

Beyond mobile apps, wearable technology is also an emerging trend. Now there are glasses, watches and wristbands that show us how active we are. Soon we’ll be able to see them getting more integrated into our meals and diets. Imagine a digital voice that tells you not to buy an unhealthy product when you’re at the supermarket next time. It is going to happen a lot sooner than we think.

As you can see, technology is not a bad thing. Everyday we’re moving towards a technologically advanced world, and we can use it to build new healthier habits. Are you using digital technology to improve your health goals?

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